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I need a website. What do I do?

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So, you need a website. All businesses do but where do you go now? Do you use a website builder like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly? Is spending a chunk of money on a professional website smart? Will my website even be beneficial for my business? Don’t worry, small business owner… I can help answer your questions.

I need a website… where do I go?

There are many services out there that offer easy website solutions for businesses in need. These services include Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and others. The first question you should ask yourself when deciding to go with one of these easy solutions is… “How much do I want to get out of my website?”

Oftentimes, you can build something pretty with one of these WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website services but they don’t perform the way you want. These websites aren’t built with SEO and performance in mind like a website from Noctem Media.

Check out these performance ratings for a local business in my area using Wix to build their website. Note, I did not include the business name because I don’t like to put any local business down. I’m not here to bash them, just to make a comparison.

i need a website

You might be thinking… “But they have an A (95%) in PageSpeed score and a C seems about average, right? Wrong. According to Google, users bounce or immediately leave your page if it loads in 3 seconds or more (Unbounce). You can’t afford to have all your users bouncing from your website, especially if you are paying for advertising.

Why would you want to spend days, weeks, or months building a website that your prospects and customers are just going to bounce from anyways?

Noctem Media is built on WordPress and we have spent countless hours making sure our website runs perfectly. Check out our page speed scores from GTMetrix.

i need a website

Check out the scores for yourself:

Notice that our load time is significantly better than the website built on Wix. There is a major difference between websites built on Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly and websites built by professionals.

Now, let me clear something up. This isn’t to say that WordPress is always fast all the time. It is very possible for a WordPress website to be ten times slower. It’s all about your web developer and how much time they spend making sure your website runs perfectly for your users.

This is something that sets Noctem Media apart from the rest. We stop at nothing to make sure that your website runs lightning fast. SEO optimization and page speed are at the forefront of our projects.

These website builders oftentimes don’t have great SEO tools either. WordPress has thousands of plugins and options for optimizing your website to be perfect. These tools are very limited in what you can do. You might be able to create something pretty but you’re not building a website to be pretty. You’re building a website to get results for your business.

Another issue with WYSIWYG builders is that some of them aren’t mobile friendly. In 2019, a mobile friendly website is critical. Check out our article about this topic to get a better understanding.

This is a good time to move on to our next question…

Is spending a chunk of money on a professional website smart?

You bet. I know that many small businesses struggle when they hear figures in the thousands. It’s hard to figure out how you’re going to come up with that kind of money for a website.

Let me get one thing straight… Your website is your home on the internet. We all know that the internet is extremely important when it comes to building a business. Think of your website as a digital storefront or location. You wouldn’t skimp on the design and layout of your physical location, would you?

The goal is to impress your clients and draw in more customers. If you think about your website in this mindset, it starts to become clear. You absolutely want to invest in your website and your web presence.

A professional website and an active social media presence are impressive to potential clients. They see you in a more professional light. Your business is taken more seriously, you have more trust and you are guaranteed to draw in more business than the same business in your niche with no website.

To tie back in to the first question, a web designer can make sure that your website runs perfectly. They can assist you in making marketing decisions that will positively affect your business. A web designer can guide you through the whole process. The peace of mind alone is worth the money, in my opinion.

I need a website, but will it even be beneficial?

If you work with an experienced web design company, then yes. A great web presence will be beneficial to your business. If you tie your beautiful website in to your brand and marketing efforts, you will see success with your website.

If you go with a website from Wix, Squarespace or Weebly, you may see a small bit of success, but not nearly the success you would see if you invested in your online presence. This is a big investment, but it will pay off in the long run.

Your website will act as your home on the web. It will be the place you send all potential clients, leads, and prospects to get more information about your business. Most people are going to ask for your website when you’re trying to sell to them. You want to have a great space for them to visit. Let your website sell your business for you.

Your website isn’t going to do ALL the heavy lifting, though. In order to see success on your website, you need to work with a professional web designer who has knowledge of user experience, SEO, marketing tactics, and overall web design best practices. Here at Noctem Media, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of user experience, design, SEO, marketing, and more. We will find a solution that works for you.

If you are ready to see the benefits of a great web presence, get a free, no-obligation consultation from a web professional now. 


When deciding how to build your company website, steer clear of WYSIWYG builders like Squarespace, Wix or Weebly. They are limiting when it comes to user experience and search engine optimization.

Investing in a web designer to build a professional website for your business is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Your website is your company’s digital storefront or location. Don’t skimp on this because your customers will notice.

A professionally built website is beneficial if you treat it like your home on the web. If you use your website in your marketing strategy and use it to sell your business to prospects, it is one of the most beneficial parts of a marketing plan.

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