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A mobile responsive website is critical for business growth.

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We take our phones and tablet everywhere we go, right? When you’re on the go or sitting in your favorite coffee shop, do you reach for your phone or your laptop when you need quick information? Chances are, you reach for your phone. According to recent data from Statista, over 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. This is up from 31% in 2015. (SOURCE) If your website is not mobile responsive, you are missing out on important website traffic and SEO benefits.

Finding a new spot when you’re on the go.

In our last article about user experience, we used an insurance agency as an example. In this post, lets use a restaurant website. If you’re visiting a new city and you’re looking for a restaurant to go to, you’re going to pull out your phone and start searching. Google will assist in pulling up popular local spots but you like to dig a little deeper. You visit the websites of 3 Italian restaurants. One of them has a stellar website that works well on your phone and provides all the information you were looking for. One has a website that looks like it was created in 2005 and you can’t seem to find ANY information about the menu or prices. The other has a website that is barely mobile responsive. You’re able to read a little bit but you just can’t seem to find the information easily. Chances are, you’re going to choose the restaurant with the superior web presence.

The website of this new found Italian restaurant gave you all the information about their menu, prices, reviews, and more which made your decision much easier. The beautiful, easy to navigate website probably enhanced your view of this restaurant as well. The brand’s web presence gave you a good vibe about the place. To top it all off, you were able to get this information while you were on the go.

SEO benefits of a mobile responsive website.

As a web designer, I can’t stress enough how important a mobile responsive website is for a business. With over half of global web traffic coming from mobile devices, the benefits are clear. Mobile responsiveness also improves SEO which drives more traffic to your business. Google knows if your website is mobile responsive and this affects how you rank. It also leads to more conversions because more people can access your website. The more conversions you have, the more value is placed on your site by Google. Google is in the business of satisfying search queries and if you satisfy those queries, you rank higher.

If you’re in the process of working with a designer, be sure that they are familiar with mobile first design. There is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for a website that is only useful to half of the internet. If you enjoyed this article, check out our article on how to work with your designer to create a better experience for your users. Noctem Media designs every website with a mobile first approach. If you’re interested in working with us, you can schedule a free consultation right now.

KyleWeekA mobile responsive website is critical for business growth.

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